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Activity clothing for every occasion

Curiosity is an essential human characteristic. Seeing new and exciting places, overcoming challenges in untamed terrain and putting ourselves to the test. At the same time, we also have our ordinary everyday routines. Not everything has to be on a big scale – things are what we make of them. Everything is more enjoyable with the right equipment.

Discover more with Kebne

Here at Kebne, we love any adventure – big or small. And we know that the next adventure could be waiting just outside your door – and only you get to decide how big that adventure is going to be. Whatever you decide, we’ll help you achieve it.

Kebne allows you to take your time on your journey of discovery, from snow-covered mountains to trails in summer valleys, walks in the forest, hunting, fishing trips and everyday activities. Every thread, stretch and fit is carefully selected and tested to ensure that it can withstand challenging environments and all kinds of weather conditions.

We aim to be your everyday hero

Our goal is always to be close to hand when the next adventure crops up, so we have to make clothing that meets the highest standards – both yours and ours.  


We use only the best materials and fabrics to ensure that you get clothing that can deal with a real challenge.


Don’t be afraid to wear out your pants – that's what they’re for. It won’t be easy though, because they’re made to last.


Wearing Kebne clothing has to feel right. That's why we focus on fabric with plenty of stretch, outstanding tailoring and really good material.

Fair pricing

We miss out both intermediaries and retailers so that you can buy a great product at the best possible price.

A feel for the outdoors

The idea for Kebne was hatched when one of the founders climbed Kebnekaise Mountain. We had seen the established brands charging high prices for good quality products. We thought we could make products that were at least as good or even better, and at a significantly better price, by missing out retailers and intermediaries. 

And that's how Kebne was founded, in the autumn gloom just above the Arctic Circle. Because we knew we could do better, and offer really good pants with the same premium feel, but at a reasonable price. 

Today our range is made up of versatile outdoor pants for adventures, for everyday use and for leisure activities.
Behind the Kebne brand is a close team made up of people who love the outdoors and contractors who have joined forces to produce outstanding products for active people – without intermediaries or retailers. As a result, we can offer high quality at a fairer price. 


Sustainable outdoor clothes from Kebne

Our promise to you is to use our experience, knowledge and passion to produce the best quality outdoor and hiking pants for you to challenge and wear out. It will take time though – and that's a promise.

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Activity clothing for everyday and leisure wear

Behind the Kebne brand is a group of experienced outdoor enthusiasts who have joined forces to produce an outstanding product for active people – at a really good price. The idea for the brand was hatched when one of the founders climbed Kebnekaise.  


What to remember when buying activity clothing 

What kinds of outdoor and hiking pants are there? 

There are various kinds of activity pants and outdoor pants. All-round pants are always a good first buy. Their stretch and contour-shaped knees allow a good range of movement when out on adventures in all seasons. 

Shorts are always a good choice during the summer months. They’re airy and keep you cool in hot weather. Skorts are a combination of a skirt over integral shorts. 

Click here for Kebne’s shorts for women and shorts for men.

Choose the right outdoor pants for your activity

When buying outdoor and hiking pants, you should always base your choice on what they are going to be used for. If you are going for long hikes in the mountains, we recommend outdoor pants with reinforcing in the knees and seat. If you are also going to be moving around in challenging environments, such as rock-climbing or mountaineering, then we recommend outdoor and hiking pants with stretch. Remember to choose a hard-wearing material if you are going to be getting a lot of use out of your outdoor and hiking pants.

Click here to see Kebne’s outdoor and hiking pants for men and outdoor and hiking pants for women

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